Saturday, September 10, 2016

1. The Greatest Sport In America

No other sport in America is enjoyed and participated in other than baseball. Unlike other sports where you have to be a certain weight or height to even play, baseball includes a wide range of different sized athletes. This is also why baseball evokes so much nostalgia  among people because they probably played the sport as a child, if not in a league at least with their friends at one point in time.  I myself played baseball when I was younger for about eight years and it was a blast! Of course I was a very small child and the time so I'm glad baseball was there for me. I probably wouldn't be writing this right now if I had attempted football. There is even a bigger overall turnout at regular season games in baseball than in football believe it or not. Check out this interesting stat. 

It is also a sport that is not only played by  men but women also enjoy this pastime. Softball is enjoyed by women as well as older individuals and the only difference it has from baseball is the size of the ball. Baseball is even referred to as "The Nation Pastime" and according to this stat it definitely looks to be true. Millions of people still to this day play and enjoy to watch this great American sport.


  1. The assignment requirements state that your titles should be labelled in some manner of Post #1, Post #2, etc. You might want to change that. A grammatical correction on the sentence "Of course I was a very small child AT (not and) the time, (comma) so I'm glad baseball was there for me." I don't quite get the end of that sentence either? Were you going through a rough time and it helped you through it? I like the statistic but it also would have been cool to see how other sports compare to it as well. The last sentence grammer correction "Millions of people still to this day play and enjoy WATCHING this great American sport.

    1. Thanks for your advice Dylan. It was very helpful and appreciated.